Do Not Fear

Ruach (Holy Spirit) literally opened the drawer of my filing cabinet this evening (1/23/2005).  When I looked in the filing cabinet I knew there was something that YHWH wanted me to look at.  There were a couple of boxes of envelopes, manuals and some binders with some scriptures and studies that I had been working on.  There was a green binder that he wanted me to look in.  In the green binder there was a prophecy from YHWH given through David Wilkerson.

I ask that you meditate to hear what is correct.  After reading it through, I heard from Ruach that the first four paragraphs were right on.

I think this great country we live in will suffer perilous times.  This country has lost fear of YHWH.  I think it needs to go through these hard times in order to gain back the fear of YHWH.  With fear of YHWH comes wisdom, understanding and knowledge.  This country definitely seems to have lost fear of YHWH, and you can see it in the worldly wisdom that is used each day. 

Today's modern day church is being assimilated by the world system (babylon).  Read for yourself.  There are so many correlations between babylon (the great whore) and today's modern day church.  I'll stop there on that topic until more is ready.

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My commute to work is just shy of one hour.  In that time there is plenty of time to meditate, pray and talk to YHWH.  Please meditate on what you hear, HE will give you discernment for the words spoken.
11/21/2004 A These are prophecy given by YHWH on the drive down to Texas.  A message of Promise, Hope, Direction and prophecy from YHWH...HalleluYah!!!
11/21/2004 B
11/21/2004 C
12/8/2004 This prophecy given by YHWH on the drive back from Texas.
A message of direction.
2/1/2005 Prophecy of things to come and the direction to take.